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Financial Crime Consulting

In their quest to stay ahead of the competition businesses embrace the latest in IT infrastructure, and cloud-based solutions are high on the list. Organizations are shifting most of their functioning across departments to the cloud, a move aimed at saving costs and physical space while enhancing efficiency.

IT Consulting

Enhance your IT efficiencies with a specialized team who have extensive experience deploying end-to-end solutions. Our specialists are focused on reducing IT overheads by streamlining workflows and improving the customer journey.

Business Process Management | Valenta BPO Canada

Process Consulting

Businesses work constantly towards trying to improve productivity and performance while trying to minimize costs. In businesses operating with complex workflow structures and operations, business process management is crucial to achieving enhanced efficiency and increased profitability.

Salesforce Developers | Valenta BPO Canada

Salesforce Consulting

It’s a competitive environment and organizations consistently seek ways to enhance operational efficiency, better processes, and further performance. As Salesforce implementation specialist we help you leverage the power of this comprehensive solution to drive business growth.

Zoho Partners | Valenta BPO Canada

Zoho Consulting

Integrated software platforms such as Zoho are the preferred choice of organizations, planning on improving performance and efficiency. Valenta BPO is Zoho’s vertical partner and has expansive expertise in offering both single product and integrated Zoho solutions for diverse business applications.

Franchise Consulting

We offer a franchise consulting service that will assist you to build your business into a franchise. With so many pitfalls, we have the business acumen to minimize your business risk and expand your operations at your pace.

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