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Information Technology Consulting

Unparalleled IT solutions customized for your business

Enhance your IT efficiencies with a specialized team who have extensive experience deploying end-to-end solutions. Our specialists are focused on reducing IT overheads by streamlining workflows and improving the customer journey.

With an enormous range of IT options available, our specialist team are able to identify the best solutions for your business, whilst minimizing expenses long-term. Our team have extensive experience and are adept with the industry’s latest software and technology solutions.

Valenta’s Information Technology Process

Technology Audit

Valenta conducts an in-depth health check across all business technologies including a capability review across software, hardware and infrastructure. A technology audit pin-points weaknesses within systems and evaluates the requirements for efficient execution of processes and improvements for the customer experience.

IT Strategy Development

A road map is developed from the audit, providing in-depth recommendations across all facets of your business. Valenta’s IT strategies account for long-term corporate goals enabling you to grow with our recommended IT solutions.

Implementation & Execution

Strategy deployment often involves an array of IT resources including Software Engineers and Testers, System Engineers, Cloud Consultants and other industry specialists. This phase of the process heavily focuses on development and testing to ensure infrastructure is deployed within specified time frames, and within the scope of the IT strategy.

Valenta’s Information Technology Solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions

Every company’s journey to the cloud is different, but the benefits of scalability, reliability, security and cost-efficiency of moving your infrastructure to the cloud are undeniable, being able to steadily grow and scale your business while having to cover the costs of only the resources you consume.

Whether you are just pondering how to leverage cloud capabilities for your business, or a seasoned cloud adopter looking into optimizing your infrastructure and reducing expenses, Helios Technologies can help you define and implement your cloud strategy.

Our Cloud Computing Solutions include:
• Cloud Consulting
• Cloud Strategy
• Cloud Integration
• Cloud Analytics
• Cloud Optimization
• Cloud Migration
• Cloud Development
• Cloud Testing
• Cloud Monitoring
• Cloud Upgrade
• Google Cloud Computing
• Amazon Cloud Computing
• Azure Cloud Computing
• Ali Cloud Computing
• Cloud Support and System Administration

DevOps Solutions

The continuous delivery of new code and features to your products with reduced time to market is essential for any company while maintaining the reliability, security and compliance of this process.

The Helios Technologies DevOps (Developer to Operations) team enables this by using the best innovative and industry-standard practices, cloud features and flexible tools to design, develop and maintain cost-effective cloud infrastructure along with continuous integration and automation of your business workflows.

• Rapid development, innovation, and automation
• Continuous code release, testing, deployment, and monitoring
• Stability and reliability with a cloud-based environment
• Improved development quality and team collaboration
• Staying competitive with rapid response to market changes
• Implementation of new features and products on the fly
• Faster time to market from idea to product
• The secure environment of company digital warehousing

Data Science Solutions

Employ mathematical modeling and deep learning techniques for the analysis of raw data to reveal powerful insights into your business development, trends, and customer behavior.

Data Science is an emerging technology and at its core is business intelligence on steroids. Helios Technologies Data Science division has respectable math background and is able to understand, articulate and build mathematical models to extract useful new insights from your raw business data. The implementation of recent Machine and Deep learning techniques also brings a continuous cycle of improvement and understanding of the raw data analytics.

• Economic modeling based on machine and deep learning
• Decision automation for supply and demand chain
• Predictive maintenance
• Fraud prevention
• Inventory, supply and demand forecasting
• Customer intelligence and offer personalization
• Marketing, pricing and promotion optimization
• Data management and spatial analysis

Big & Fast Data Processing

Every company generates vast amounts of Big Data over the course of their existence as a part of their normal production process and interactions with their customers, which brings the necessity of mining, storage and integration of Big Data with the addition of real-time analysis as Fast Data to extract valuable insights into your business operations.

Helios Technologies specialists provide enterprise-grade engineering solutions to identify, secure and govern your key data with right management and visualization platforms and tools

• Make better business decisions based on data and analytics
• Manage risks more effectively
• Enterprise data strategy
• Data governance and cataloging services
• Real-Time and Stream processing and analytics
• DevOps for Big Data
• Cloud data warehousing
• Data mining, integration, and storage

Application Development

Applications are the lifeblood of modern business. The interface, content, relevance, and performance of your applications are critical for delivering a productive and positive experience to both your internal and external customers.

As the design principles, open-source frameworks, engineering, and DevOps practices to support application development evolve with blazing speed, Helios Technologies can help you modernize your tech stack and build cloud-native applications for both desktop and mobile platforms

• Meticulous requirements gathering
• Simple and powerful User Interface design
• Prototyping and proof-of-concept research
• Agile development sprints
• Dedicated project management
• Highly-qualified development
• Relentless QA
• Seamless deployment and integration
• 100% compliance to SLAs
• Multi-level support services
• Maintenance and regular updates
• Security hardening

Machine Learning Solutions

Helios Technologies software engineers design and implement AI-driven platforms and cognitive automation systems that understand and pursue business objectives

We offer a wide range of revolutionary techniques from AI development services for enhancing dialogue between human and machine along with voice recognition systems, content recognition systems, virtual staff and bots, Natural Language Processing (NLP) to configuring existing AI tools of Google, Amazon and Azure Cloud Services.

• Real-Time Processing and analysis
• Heuristic detection of anomalies
• Learn-by-doing systems
• Natural Language Processing (NLP)
• Voice and content recognition
• Virtual staff and bots

Blockchain Solutions

Distributed Ledger Technology has drastically changed the layout of modern digital playground, and Blockchain strategies and implementation are the most recent development. Blockchain resolves the problems of distributed data delivery, data personalization and encrypted distributed data storage.

While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the most popular examples of Blockchain tech usage, the actual DLT has a broad range of uses, ranging from financial field to real estate, healthcare, taxation, accounting and much more.

Key features of Blockchain development include security, transparency and safety of assets. Blockchain reduces the circle back of information between departments and companies. Blockchain helps to overcome international barriers by completely circumventing the necessity of currency exchange between parties.

All of this is made possible by digitizing (tokenizing) assets and using crypto-currencies and token offerings such as ICOs, STOs and UTOs to handle transactions instead of hard offline assets. With Blockchain, all business operations can be performed with transparency and security.

Blockchain Development

Helios Technologies has extensive experience and a history of success with Blockchain technology development, which has prominently evolved into OpenWare – our daughter company, specifically dedicated to Blockchain technologies R&D and Engineering.

OpenWare specializes in financial exchange, digital asset management and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) implementation for everyday businesses

• Asset tokenization and exchange
• Cut the cost of financial transactions
• Streamline and secure your financial operations
• Optimize your asset management
• Secure crowdfunding and investment
• Blockchain Consulting
• Crypto Exchange and Wallets Development
• ICO Launch
• STO Development
• DLT Implementation and Development
• Smart Contracts Development
• Hyperledger Development
• Multichain Development
• Decentralized Apps Development
• Private, Consortium and Public Blockchains Development

Valenta’s Information Technology Tech Stack

We provide skillful software engineering to the full spectrum of technologies from simple static front- end prototyping to the high-performing back-end services and everything in between. We hold a pool of ardent professionals and Level 3 Frontend software engineers, backend engineers, database engineers, and Linux system admin. Outsource full-stack programmers from us who are well-versed with a broad range of full stack development services.

Cutting-edge and industry-standard technologies we use to empower your business.







Development Framework

You can be involved in the development process as much as you like from the go word till product release, participating in the whole development cycle, controlling the process and making corrections at any stage of design and development.


The practice of researching and discovering the system requirements from users, customers, and other stakeholders.


Experience design, prototyping and proof-of-concept research.


Generate the actual code. If previous steps have been followed with attention to detail, this is actually the easiest part.


Testing and QA for defects and deficiencies, both automated and manual. See if the development result is holding up to original specs, and get a feel of the original specs were actually good concept.


Set up workshops and cloud environment, and deploy the new solution or integrate into existing one.


No lab experiments can reflect the interactions of the live environment. The conditions of the real-world change and the solution needs to adapt and evolve along with it through regular updates and improvements.

Why Valenta’s Information Technology Consulting?

World-Class Solutions

Our team of specialists offer extensive experience globally, and will develop an IT strategy to suit your businesses long term goals.

End-to-end Solutions

Our IT consulting service provides a holistic approach to your IT structure, ensuring that your business achieves the best results.

ISO Certification

We are ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management Systems and ISO 27001 certified for Information Security.

Customized Packages

Our IT solutions are customized for your business, ensuring we meet your objectives.

World-Class Solutions

Our team of specialists offer extensive experience globally, and will develop an IT strategy to suit your businesses long term goals.

End-to-end Solutions

Our IT consulting service provides a holistic approach to your IT structure, ensuring that your business achieves the best results.

ISO Certification

We are ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management Systems and ISO 27001 certified for Information Security.

Customised Packages

Our IT solutions are customised for your business, ensuring we meet your objectives.

What do our client's say?

  • Since engaging Valenta, we’ve been able to take on a much higher work load. We’ve been able to bring someone into the team for a lower cost, but without compromising on that quality of work. Outsourcing has been a great solution compared to hiring somebody locally. It’s a lot more cost effective and it’s easy to do.

    Natalie Gillies and Clare Harding
    Arthur J Gallagher
  • Valenta has been great, because it allows us to expand and contract our operations, depending on the time of the year, very effortlessly and inexpensively. It’s allowed us to make decisions that we know we can scale quickly on because we know that Jayesh and the Valenta team will be there for us.

    John Pollock
    Financial Gravity

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