Jeremy’s Story, From Lawyer to Valenta Managing Partner

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Jeremy Kim is an experienced attorney that has been working with corporations of all sizes for more than 16 years. Today, he is a Managing Partner at Valenta BPO, and his story is one that many people considering turning to business or franchise ownership can appreciate. Business process improvements and workforce efficiency are critical to business growth, and having the right team on your side can make all the difference. Get to know Jeremy’s story and see how he can inspire you to become a Managing Partner and start helping others today.

Experience and Background

Jeremy has had huge success in the defence of many national banks and consumer finance corporations in legal matters relating to regulatory and compliance issues. He has also assisted in mitigating risks for a number of organizations across the country. he has a full background in and understanding of government regulations and regulatory compliance.

Having a strong corporate background, Jeremy has been able to adopt a Valenta franchise with ease, applying his acumen for business, customer service and relationship management.

Jeremy’s Role at Valenta

Today, Jeremy puts his expertise and skills to work helping businesses identify areas of improvement and boost their efficiency by outsourcing non-critical operations and tasks. Delegating business processes helps companies streamline, save money, and focus on where they need to be, rather than focusing on tedious things like bookkeeping and accounting, digital marketing, and other commonly outsourced tasks and services.

Q: So why Valenta?

A: According to Jeremy, “After a long search for a new role within the law, I began to think outside of the box to give myself a fresh start. The top reasons I chose Valenta were (1) the upfront nature of the conversations about the business in terms of what Valenta was, what if offered and how I could fit with my legal background. All without a hard sell, just a willingness to give information and answer any questions I had; (2) I was drawn to Valenta because it offered services rather than food & beverages or products. I liked that while having no sales background and after years of working behind the scenes within the law, I would be able to take charge and sell not only Valenta and its services but myself. I liked that I would interact with professionals and provide them with solutions; (3) I liked the support that Valenta, specifically Jayesh and Chetan and the team in India that I met, give. I was drawn by Valenta being upfront about expectations to have, both realistic and in a perfect world. I like that they provided realistic benchmarks even before signing on and were upfront about any headwinds or issues that I may face. Jayesh and the team allowed me to make a very informed decision about whether I wanted to come aboard. I really like how everything was laid out to me.”

Q: What is your favourite feature or part of being a Valenta franchisee? Why?

A: Jeremy explains that “Coming from the law, working 60, 70, 80+ hours and then taking vacations but still working, I like the autonomy that I get with Valenta and being my own franchisee. By being my own boss, I am responsible for myself and answerable to me. I like the autonomy but also the fact that there will be benefits and fruits to bare going forward that will all be a result of the work I put in now and going forward. This wasn’t necessarily the case for me in my prior roles. I like that I can see and receive tangible results and benefits as a direct result of the efforts I put in.”

What’s Your Story?

Now that you’ve heard Jeremy’s story, what are you waiting for? With outsourcing franchise opportunities, you can get involved in new business and create a story of your own. Valenta has operations in a number of countries and continents around the world and offers a franchise program that allows owners to work on generating new business to use the various services provided by the organization.

While you’re building a business, Valenta will take care of providing outsourcing services to the clients that you collect along the way, giving you a true partnership in franchising. All you have to do is find the clients and Valenta will take care of their outsourcing needs.

Valenta handles all the operations of their franchises, and offers a globally proven business model with low start-up costs. If you have been looking for your franchise opportunity, but aren’t able to independently setup your own operation, this may be a good fit. Get to know more about the company and what they can offer so that you can start writing your own story in the realm of outsourcing and business process consulting.

As Jeremy Kim puts it, Valenta’s customised solutions for process improvements, marketing, and outsourcing enable organizational efficiency and business growth on many levels, so if you take on a franchise, you can guarantee that you will have a variety of ways to succeed. Call us today to get started or learn more.