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Integrated software platforms such as Zoho are the preferred choice of organisations, planning on improving performance and efficiency. Valenta BPO is Zoho’s vertical partner and has expansive expertise in offering Zoho solutions for diverse business applications.

Zoho is among the best known names, when it comes to integrated business solutions addressing specific functions such as CRM, consulting, business analysis, marketing, customer support, sales, account management, accounting, bookkeeping and more. As a Zoho partner, we have also integrated Zoho solutions with other 3rd party applications to improve efficiencies and productivity.

Zoho Integrated Solutions

Our Zoho consultants have expansive expertise in the product suite, coupled with sound domain specific knowledge. This helps us put together effective solutions spanning various functions – financial accounting, marketing, business analytics, sales and CRM, helping organisations improve efficiency, productivity and performance.

Our approach

Scope document – The scope document lists out the requirements, and what would be achieved by the solution to be developed.

Proposal – The initial proposal is an offer with details on requirements and functionality, schedules, and indicative costs.

Discovery sessions – This is a brainstorming session to help us better understand, analyse and document the existing processes, and what is expected of the new solution to be developed.

Prototype – A prototype will be created post the discovery session to ensure all stakeholders are in acceptance of the solution to be developed along with the deliverables.

Project sign off – Post this, a final proposal with all details will be submitted for final sign off.

Design architecture – This is the stage where the solution’s architecture and framework are designed with thinking on dashboards, reports, devices etc.

Data migration – This is an important part of any project implementation considering that easy access to historical data without loss is crucial to maintaining continuity.

Build process – Build process ensures robustness and efficiency in workflows and process automation functions.

User acceptance testing – In this stage, stakeholders will be provided with the solution so they can familiarise themselves with the usage and operations, a process that leads to full solution testing.

Training Effective training is an absolute must for successful project implementation. Our training teams will impart exhaustive training to all stakeholders, ensuring they are equipped to leverage the solution and achieve the defined objectives.

On-site implementation – The solution will be deployed in the client’s work environment, tested, tweaked, and then taken live.

Ongoing support – Ongoing maintenance and support are provided to ensure the solution delivers as expected and also make small modifications/ changes based on the requirements of the operation. The scope of this will be defined in the initial agreement related to the project.

Benefit realisation – It is imperative to assess the benefits accrued by implementing the project and if they are in line with what was envisaged at the time of designing the project. This exercise is to analyse the outcome and address gaps if any.

Annual review – We will annually review the solution’s performance, the usage and do a gap analysis to assess the delivery efficiency of the system. We will make recommendations if required to help the client maximise returns from the solution.

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Zoho Single Application Solutions

Whether you are considering an integrated solution or on deploying a single Zoho product, our Zoho consultants have the expertise to deliver. Our capabilities include configuring, customising, implementing, testing and training on Zoho solutions, helping you get the best out of them.

Zoho onboarding

Implementing a Zoho solution is half the job done. Gathering expertise on how best to use it is crucial and our Zoho consultants can help you optimise it.

Zoho training

Training of staff is essential to maximising the return on a newly implemented solution. Our Zoho consultants offer effective training to help your teams get familiar with the solution.

Building workflows

Automating workflows are crucial to achieving high productivity and efficiency, in today’s business environments. Our Zoho experts have rich experience in building workflows for various industrial environments, based on your specific operational requirements.

Structuring reports

Reports play a key role, in enabling key decision makers to assess a business scenario in the shortest possible time. Our Zoho experts work closely with you to define customised reports that provide incisive insights into your operations, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

Dashboard design

Quick decision making is enabled when the management has all critical information presented in one easy-to-interpret dashboard. We will work with you to customise you dashboard, helping you get all important information on one screen.

Business insights

Accurate data is essential to course correct/ make business decisions on the move. Our Zoho consultants will work closely with you to understand your business processes, identify and automate the process of collecting vital business information, helping you take key business decisions quickly.

Providing business analytics

As you transact with your internal and external stakeholders, a good amount of crucial, but veiled data is generated. This data hides valuable insights you could leverage, to make your next move. We can help you leverage the power of Zoho Analytics to provide insightful information, helping your business succeed.

Leveraging artificial intelligence

Zoho products are in-built with intuitive AI that helps various processes get efficient. Our specialists extract the potential of this feature to the maximum, helping you derive better productivity and performance.

Client portal

Encouraging clients to adapt to a platform for better efficiency is always a challenging task. The solution has to have an intuitive user interface that all stakeholders are comfortable using. Our Zoho consultants can help in custom designing your client portals to simplify processes and improve effectiveness.

Designing processes

The Zoho suite of solutions is designed to improve a process or efficiency in a function. This can be best achieved by our Zoho consulting team, thanks to an excellent understanding of the product suite. Our consultants study your processes from various stakeholder perspectives and then come up with an optimised framework, to achieve the desired objective.

Integration with other Zoho products

Integrating a Zoho solution with other Zoho products seems relatively easy, considering they are from the same solutions provider. However, it does demand a good amount of expertise to ensure a seamless integration and better performance which you are assured of, with our consulting teams.

Integrations with third party apps

There are situations where businesses would have solutions from other vendors in one or more functional areas, and a Zoho solution is needed to work along with. Our experts have a good understanding of the most popular third party products, and can work on integrating these better with Zoho products to ensure performance.

Why Valenta's Zoho Consultants

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Zoho Vertical Partner

As a Zoho vertical partner, we have a high level of expertise and understanding of the entire range of Zoho products, enabling us to deliver solutions that leverage the Zoho offering best.

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Strong Insights

Our team’s experience and expertise help us look for deep insights into business processes, as we interact with various stakeholders – employees, management, and end clients. The solutions we offer reflect this experience and are high performing and effective.

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Diverse Expertise

As A Zoho partner, our knowledge of their suite of products is deep. We are best poised to offer solutions the meet all the expectations of businesses .

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Seamlessly Integrated Solutions

We are best equipped to help you get the most out of Zoho, in terms of functionality and performance. Since our teams also have a good understanding of various third party applications, we can achieve better results in integrating these applications with your Zoho products.

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