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Valenta has years of experience in setting up and managing captive offshoring centres for various businesses from scratch. We have established such centres for several large corporations across domains, and have ability to offer a solution based on their current and future requirements. We recommend a mix of options – a captive outsourcing centre if the business plans to employ 200+ employees, or a BPO-operated centre for smaller operations.

We have offices in the US, UK, and Australia and large support centres in various locations in India and Malaysia. Considering our years of presence in these regions, we have a good understanding of the business environment, resource availability, culture, and other aspects. We will leverage these inherent advantages to deliver to your expectations in several areas – identification of office space, resource recruitment, training, or anything else that you might need.

Captive Offshoring Engagement Models

We understand clients have their own business dynamics and requirements there cannot be one engagement model to fit all. We offer various models for them to choose from.

Leasing of staff

When it comes to accessing resources, we offer you a range of staffing options. You can put together your own team by choosing from our employees who could be dedicated to your business while operating from our premises. These members would be legally on our rolls but would be your resources for all purposes. If your needs grow, we can support you in putting together your own team on-site.

Virtual captive centres

A captive centre is a wholly owned unit and an integral part of the parent company, usually established in a different region. While it offers the parent company complete control, such a centre demands significant investments in terms of time, cost, and effort, a reason why most clients prefer not to initiate such centres.

Captive offshoring is a low risk, cost-effective option. In this scenario, we will set up a dedicated virtual centre, leveraging our experience. Organisations can evaluate the new region for its potential by using a captive offshore centre for a specific period and then decide on a permanent operation. We also offer the option of taking over our captive offshore resources, once you are satisfied with the viability of the establishment.

Joint venture companies

There could be cases of companies not being comfortable with the outsourcing option, more so if they handle sensitive data or processes that demand quality and security assurance of the highest order. In such a case, an owned subsidiary may not be the best option, while a joint venture option may be the most suitable way to address the situation. This option gives you easy access to the required manpower and expertise to start off your operations in the least possible time.


We also offer and can help you with a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) engagement, if you are planning on a full-fledged offshore operation over time. We could set up and manage your offshore operation for a period, post which we could hand it over to you / your representative company.

Outsourcing Vs Captive Offshoring

Outsourcing Vs Captive Offshoring | Valenta BPO Canada

Why Valenta's Captive Offshoring Centers

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Global presence

With offices in the US, UK, and Australia and well staffed, equipped delivery centres in India and Malaysia, we have an excellent understanding of local laws, resource dynamics and market trends.

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Resource training

Our expert training teams have experience in training resources to deliver, effectively and efficiently in competitive environments.

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Ability to ramp up teams

We have the ability and resources to start and scale up teams to any size for operations such as captive centres in the shortest possible time.

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Staffing expertise

We have the capability to identify and recruit quality resources based on your requirements.

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