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Process Consultation

Enhance your operational efficiencies, processes and compliance

Businesses work constantly towards trying to improve productivity and performance while trying to minimize costs. In businesses operating with complex workflow structures and operations, process management is crucial to achieving enhanced efficiency.

We at Valenta, have professionals with years of experience and expertise, in all aspects of process management. We work closely with you/ your decision makers and arrive at a methodical approach to enhance the company’s performance goals. The task involves analysing existing practices in detail, shortlisting areas for improvement, elimination of redundant processes if any, and evolving fresh strategies and processes for implementation. Once this is firmed up, our business process management consultants document these processes thereby ensuring all associated stakeholders have clear, written guidelines based on which they can perform their tasks.

Valenta's Business Process Management Workflow

Scope document – The scope document enlists the key objectives that would be achieved after implementation. This document is our blueprint for the life of the project.

Proposal The initial proposal lists your requirements in detail, estimated time, budget, and other aspects.

Discovery session – The session is a brainstorming exercise conducted after approval of the proposal. This gives us a clear understanding of the existing processes, the objectives set as in the scope document and gathered through a detailed discussion with all stakeholders i.e. what they expect from the implementation.

Project sign off – Post the discovery session, a fine tuned proposal will be submitted for a final sign off, before the project begins to roll out.

Training Effective training is integral to a project’s success and we will design a detailed training schedule for stakeholders to ensure that they will have the required expertise to deliver on the new solution.

Implementation We will deploy an expert team for project implementation and test it for performance on all parameters before we take it live.

Ongoing support – Support will be offered by our support team based on client requirements, and as is agreed upon in the proposal, during the finalisation of the project.

Benefit realisationBenefit realisation is of importance to the management to assess if the investment is prudent, and the implementation has been effective. We will work with all key stakeholders to assess this.

Annual review We hold an annual review along with the team and carry out a gap analysis to ensure effectiveness of the solution. We will recommend modifications/ course correction if needed, to optimise the solution’s efficiency.

Process Consulting Process | Valenta BPO Canada

Why Valenta's Process Management Services?

Technology Focused

Our professionals have excellent knowledge of current technologies, tools, and platforms, and deploy these judiciously to create and implement high performance solutions.

Post Implementation Audit

We initiate an exhaustive audit post implementation to analyse the performance and effectiveness of our solution and then make recommendations on course corrections, if needed.

Accurate Insights

We engage closely with your teams – employees, management and other stakeholders, to learn about your processes and workflows and conceive solutions that meet your objectives.

Customized Solutions

At Valenta BPO we understand that every business is different. We can customize an outsourcing or captive solution to meet your requirements.

Peace of Mind with Valenta BPO

24x7 Support

We have a global presence with offices in Australia, UK, and US, backed by well-staffed delivery centres in Bangalore, Vizag, Ahmadabad and Mohali in India, and Penang in Malaysia enabling us to support you 24×7.

Local Consultants

We have a team of Local Consultants in the US who will provide the support and guidance you need to improve your business efficiencies and drive growth. Having a strong local presence allows us to provide the best business solutions for you as we understand the local business landscape.

Up to 60% Cost Saving

On average, our Valenta BPO clients' report a cost saving of up to 60% by outsourcing key services. Furthermore, recent survey's show that our client's do not believe they are compromising on the quality of outcomes, and are achieving business growth faster than otherwise would be possible.

Flexible Engagements

We design solutions to meet specific client requirements and offer flexible engagement models. Our resources can be engaged full-time, part-time, or on a transactional basis.

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What do our client's say?

  • Since engaging Valenta, we’ve been able to take on a much higher work load. We’ve been able to bring someone into the team for a lower cost, but without compromising on that quality of work. Outsourcing has been a great solution compared to hiring somebody locally. It’s a lot more cost effective and it’s easy to do.

    Natalie Gillies and Clare Harding
    Arthur J Gallagher
  • Valenta has been great, because it allows us to expand and contract our operations, depending on the time of the year, very effortlessly and inexpensively. It’s allowed us to make decisions that we know we can scale quickly on because we know that Jayesh and the Valenta team will be there for us.

    John Pollock
    Financial Gravity

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